" Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. "
Mahatma Gandhi

Martial Arts Principles

Mindset of a Warrior


as Swift as the Wind
as Silent as the Forest
as Fierce as Fire
as Immovable as a Mountain

Principle of Mastery

Shu Ha Ri

Follow the rules
Break the rules
Make the rules


Martial Arts Blog

Martial Art Blog
Complete Martial Artist

Shin Gi Tai



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The Way of Self-Improvement

Since ancient times, people have sought self-improvement, overall wellness, security and accomplishment through Martial Arts.

Martial Devotee is a platform to explore the principles of Martial Arts and enhance our knowledge collectively.  We aim to make the Martial Arts more accessible and gain a deeper understanding of its concepts, benefits and the people that make use of it as a path to self-mastery.

We hope to curate a comprehensive source of information which may be absorbed by future generations so that they may become the future masters of their chosen Martial Art.
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