Choosing a Martial Art

How to choose a Martial Art that is right for you

The field of Martial Arts is diverse, and each Martial Art is predicated by unique philosophies. As a result, the skills and benefits that you may receive will differ from one Martial Art to another. It can be helpful to align your goals to the Martial Art that you want to learn as this will ensure that you maximise your fulfilment in the long-term.

Martial Arts Gift Guide

Ultimate Gift Guide for Martial Artists in 2023

Finding a thoughtful and useful gift for a Martial Artist can be a daunting task. The world of Martial Arts is an intricate one and there are so many factors to take into consideration before deciding on a suitable gift for the Martial Artist in your life. Martial Arts are broadly categorised into striking, grappling and weaponry. There are also hybrid Martial Arts that incorporate more than one of these elements. It helps to know a little bit about the Martial Art before purchasing a suitable gift. Regardless, we have got some great options here for you to find the perfect Martial Arts gift.

Shaka Zulu

Shaka Zulu the Greatest Warrior in African History

Shaka ka Senzangakhona, also known as Shaka Zulu, is arguably the most famous African warrior in history. His remarkable life is a testament to the resilient Spirit of the Warrior, overcoming so many odds to become the most successful King of the Zulu Empire.  His reign lasted from 1816 to 1828 where he was responsible for uniting the Nguni people into the Zulu Kingdom.  This resulted in the unprecedented expansion of the Zulu nation, making the Zulus one of the most powerful and feared tribes in all of Africa.

Qi or Ki or Chi

What is Chi?

Chi, also referred to as Ki or Qi or Prana, is often seen as a mystical force that gives one supernatural power.  This idea has been brought to life by anime like the popular Dragon Ball franchise.  The concept has also been abused by a variety of “Martial Arts masters” to attract and exploit gullible followers.