Control Yourself and Control the Outcome

An enduring quote by Chojun Miyagi, the founder of Goju-Ryu Karate Do.  It applies to all people and speaks to our ability to engage our minds at higher levels of cognitive capacity.  To control ourselves and act rationally at all times.  Self-control and regulation of emotions is the highest achievement for all Martial Artists.


chojun miyagi quote


Anger is an intense emotion that generally clouds our judgment and when combined with physical violence can have serious repercussions.  As Martial Artists, who train to defend ourselves and protect others, we should strive to control our emotions and thus control the outcome of all confrontations.

I have fallen prey to this emotion many times and when resorting to physical violence, I have regretted my actions every single time.  I truly believe in the notion of doing as minimal harm as possible.  I have been successful in achieving more self-control with regular martial arts training, meditation and self-reflection.


“If your temper rises, withdraw your hand; If your hand rises, withdraw your temper.”

~ Chojun Miyagi



There are 2 elements to this powerful quote where temper and violence follow one another and vice versa:


“If your temper rises, withdraw your hand”

Don't resort to violence when you get angry. 


“If your hand rises, withdraw your temper.”

Possess a clear and calm mind when entering into a physical altercation.


I have experienced the positive effect of controlling my emotions during a fight.  I am able to think more clearly and not expend to much energy too quickly.  I allow my opponent to flow with me until I can capitalize on any mistakes that my opponent makes.

There is much to learn from the experience and wisdom of others.  Our Martial Arts practice should transcend the physical so that we can become better human beings and better Martial Artists.


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