Ultimate Gift Guide for Martial Artists in 2023

Finding a thoughtful and useful gift for a Martial Artist can be a daunting task. The world of Martial Arts is an intricate one and there are so many factors to take into consideration before deciding on a suitable gift for the Martial Artist in your life. Martial Arts are broadly categorised into striking, grappling and weaponry. There are also hybrid Martial Arts that incorporate more than one of these elements. It helps to know a little bit about the Martial Art before purchasing a suitable gift. Regardless, we have got some great options here for you to find the perfect Martial Arts gift.


Striking Martial Arts Gifts

Striking Martial Arts, as the name suggests, refers to unleashing punches, kicks, knees, elbows and even head-butts on an opponent. Efficient technique can result in landing devastating blows, and this can only be achieved through training and continuous testing.

Punching Strength Tester

This is where the Striking/ Punching Strength Tester comes in.


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It is highly durable, measuring up to 660 pounds and has 2 modes:

  • Heavy-hitting mode – which measures the maximum power output of your heaviest punch.
  • Training mode – which provide 5 different striking indicators in real-time: power per punch, average punching power, number of punches, most powerful punch, speed at which you are delivering punches or punching frequency.

This is great for Martial Arts such as Boxing, Karate, Taekwondo and Muay Thai.


Ventilated Mouth Guard Case

If you are engaging in a striking Martial Art, chances are that you are going to get hit as well. It is important to use a mouth guard to protect your gums and teeth from permanent injury. With consistent use it is important to wash your mouth guard before and after use. It is also hygienic to transport it in a clean and Ventilated Mouth Guard case.

Ventilated Mouth Guard Case

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The Ventilated Mouth Guard case fits all sizes of Mouth Guards, and it reduces exposure to dirt and your other Martial Arts items. Its ventilated slots which promote fast drying after washing. It provides a convenient way to transport and access your Mouth Guard as it can be attached to your carry bag. No more hunting the depths of your kit bag for your Mouth Guard when coach screams “SPARRING!”.


Grappling Martial Arts Gifts

Grappling Martial Arts involve grabbing your opponent, disrupting their centre of balance, and taking them to the ground with the aim of putting them into a submission technique. This is best practiced with other opponents although this is not always possible. A serious grappler will want to drill their technique as often as possible which is where the Grappling Dummy comes in.

Grappling Mate

grappling dummy

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This one is made from durable premium canvas fabric and reinforced stitching to withstand the powerful grappling and submission drills.

This gift is suitable for Martial Arts such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Jujutsu and Wrestling.


Weapon-based Martial Arts Gifts

Weapon-based Martial Arts involve yielding weapons. On the surface, it may seem impractical to study traditional weapons, but these have a variety of benefits. Weapons practice can help in self defence scenarios where you are able to extract a similar object from the environment to use to defend yourself. Philosophically, weapons are also seen as an extension of the practitioner and a means to attain self-mastery.




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Traditional Weapons such as the humble nunchacku can be used to devastating effect against multiple opponents.  Made popular by Bruce Lee, this weapon improves the coordination of the brain and body.


Training Katana

training katana

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A bokken is great for Martial Arts like Iaido which teaches the proper technique and etiquette for handling, drawing, and cutting with a katana.


4 Tier Wall Mounted Sword Holder

sword weapon holder

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This 4 Tier Wall Mounted Sword Holder is awesome for storing and displaying weapons. The Chinese character for Dragon is engraved on it which is a symbol for power and luck.


Practical Martial Arts Gifts

Chain Mesh Duffel Bag

martial arts duffel bag

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Some Martial Arts require a lot of kit that can get sweaty after use. This highly durable Chain Mesh Duffle Bag is breathable to kickstart the air-drying process of your Martial Arts equipment after use. Its not see through and is great for everyday use.


Martial Arts Gifts to Inspire

Martial Arts Belt Display

martial art belt display

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Here is a great gift for Martial Artists that use a belt ranking system. The Martial Arts Belt Display helps to inspire and motivate to keep the Martial Artist hungry to improve and increase their rank. It offers personalisation stickers which is a great novelty add-on.


The Five Rings

five rings book

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The Five Rings book, essential for every Martial Artist, was written by the famous swordsman Musashi Miyomoto. It offers great insight to a mindset of a Martial Artist and offers tactics and strategies to achieve personal success. The book is rich in Zen philosophy and is a great addition to the practice of all Martial Arts.


Samurai Statues

The Samurai were powerful and dedicated Japanese warriors which hold a prominent place in the ideals of modern Martial Arts. The Way of the Warrior, also know as Bushido, is a constant reminder to uphold the values of honour, duty and character-perfection through Martial Arts. Here are some fantastic gift options for Martial Artists to remind them about the honest pursuit of Martial Arts and to inspire and motivate them.

Bushido Samurai Statue

bushido samurai statue

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Samurai Warrior in Battle Statue

samurai warrior battle statue

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Exquisite craftmanship.  These detailed cold cast bronze Samurai statues are hand painted which result in a high-quality antique look.  They are packaged in a beautiful gift box and ready to go for any occasion.


Digital Martial Arts Gifts

Get the Martial Devotee Digital Training Journal

p>A great gift for Martial Artists who are looking to take a purposeful approach to improving as a Martial Artist. It is a neat tool to set goals, focus on the different aspects of training and track progress.  This Martial Arts Training Journal helps the Martial Artist take those steps of constant refinement and self-improvement.



Martial Arts Experience Gifts

A Martial Arts travel experience is a great gift.  Book a Martial Arts vacation and train with experienced and qualified instructors who are experts in their fields.  This will give your Martial Artist the opportunity to experience different training methods and help them expand their skillset.  It will definitely be an enriching and everlasting memory and therefore ranks up pretty high on the gift scale.



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