Travel for Martial Arts

There are so many benefits of travel. You broaden your mind by learning about other cultures, acquire new life experiences and discover new things and places. Imagine combining this with some awesome Martial Arts training - a Martial Arts holiday!


Would you like to expand your Martial Arts horizons?


Have you always been curious about one Martial Art in particular?


Maybe you would like to experience the Martial Art first-hand to assess how effective it is?


What about a deeper understanding of your current Martial Art?



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A Deeper Understanding

The more I train and learn in my Martial Art, the more I understand that there is so much beneath the surface than just practicing forms, employing practical applications of these forms and learning how to fight and defend myself.  There is an underlying culture, lifestyle and principles that underpin a Martial Art. 

I find that these underpinning aspects, help to fast-track a deeper understanding of how and why you do certain things in a particular way.  Ways that previously seemed foreign are now natural developments in my nature and my Martial Art. 

So how do we get to this level of understanding?  Only by immersing yourself in the culture and lifestyle of those that practice the Martial Art, can you truly experience its nuances.  Through this enriched experience, you will be able to assimilate practices of your choosing into your everyday life which will improve your overall understanding and improvement in your chosen Martial Art.


Stimulating the Learning Process

I have not come across a Martial Artist that was satisfied with their current progress.  The reason for this is that self-improvement is at the core of Martial Arts and its practitioners often adopt a growth mindset.   The challenging nature of Martial Arts allows you to explore your own weaknesses and gradually work on these to become a better version of yourself.

In my experience, it is common to reach plateaus and limits to your own understanding of Martial Arts.  The best way to overcome this and challenge your current view is by opening yourself up to other perspectives.  Training with other Martial Artists allows you to see the Martial Art from different lenses.  This opens you up to new ways of thinking and training so that you can hone and refine yourself and your Martial Art.

As an added benefit, you grow your Martial Arts network by forming relationships with like-minded individuals who may become great allies in your journey to Martial Arts mastery.


Martial Arts Cross-Pollination

Although, I have a healthy, even obsessive need to explore and improve in my own Martial Art – I also love learning about aspects, concepts, and theories of other Martial Arts.  This provides me with a way to test and incorporate these concepts. and theories into my own Martial Art.  Often, the results are fantastic.  For instance, as a Goju-Ryu Karateka, I have incorporated the Wing Chun guard and centreline theory into my kumite or sparring to fantastic effect.  I have now added a rock-solid defence to my arsenal which serves my aim of effectively defending myself.

Indeed, the Martial Art – Karate-Do that we know today is a direct result of the exchange of ideas between travelling Chinese kung-fu experts and the masters of the Okinawan fighting arts.

This can only be achieved through collaboration with other Martial Artists.  Adopting an open-mind and having the opportunity to test, refine and incorporate these skills into your current and everchanging baseline.  Having an open mind means that you must embrace other Martial Arts and even styles within your own Martial Art to extract what best works for you.


Bringing it all together

The best way to immerse yourself into a culture or lifestyle and open yourself up to other perspectives is through travel.  I find travelling to be an extremely exciting and enriching experience.  I can learn and understand other cultures, and while I am at it, train with experienced Martial Artists who can offer me more insights into my own Martial Art

So why not book your next Martial Arts adventure

Travel for Martial Arts

An enriching Martial Arts Travel experience awaits you

Grow your Martial Arts knowledge
Train with seasoned and verified professionals
Spend time with like-minded Martial Artists
Learn about different cultures
Enrich your mind and strengthen your body
Learn new skills

Book Your Next Martial Arts Adventure
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Explore Martial Arts Travel Experiences

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I particularly love this offering as it helps me gain in-depth and authentic insight into a particular Martial Art by participating in a training camp.

A large variety of Martial Arts training camps are on offer:


The Martial Arts travel camps offer exceptional value and a great opportunity to study Martial Arts abroad.  You walk away with a truly holistic training experience as the training camps focus on enhancing the mind, body and spirit.

Depending on your goals, you might want to select a specific type of camp:


Better yet, you will “get 2 birds with one stone”, train in the Martial Art of your choice and expand your life experience by travelling.  Just like the Karate Nerd in Okinawa.

I love travelling and training Martial Arts and I am extremely grateful that I have found this gem of an offering. 


When are you planning your next Martial Arts trip?


However ...


You may have a lot going on right now and maybe too busy to travel. You could still benefit from taking a quality Online Course and train in a Martial Art of your choosing from the comfort of your own home when its convenient for you.  Check out our guide on how to learn Martial Arts online.

Online Martial Arts training - Learn Martial Arts from home


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