Rules for Success in Karate

I came across an awesome project that was initiated by Les Bubka, an amazing Sensei that seeks to tackle mental health issues and promotes overall well-being through the practice of his Martial Art - Karate.  The project seeks to inspire, motivate, restore hope and renew us during this difficult time in which many of us are isolated, demotivated and experience helplessness. 

 As a practitioner of Karate-Do myself, I found renewed motivation and zeal for which to pursue my Martial Art.  I took a great deal away from the experience of these seasoned martial artists: Les Bubka, Christian Wedewardt, Don Came, Gary Chamberlain, Ian Abernethy, James Hatch, John Titchen, Kris Wilder, Matt Jardine,and Paul Enfield.


The Book

It was a great read and addresses some of the thoughts and concerns that I had as a Martial Artist.  I definitely recommend reading this book as the overarching lessons of dedication, commitment, clarity of focus, consistency, passion for what you do and being your best authentic self will add a mountain of value to your life.  The ideas and lessons in this book, filtered through from the experience and minds of these wonderful Martial Artists, are universal.  They will, therefore, help you improve at whatever your endeavour is and it does not necessarily need to be Karate or even Martial Arts.

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Some Highlights 

Although I don't want to give much away, as I want you to get the maximum message and benefit of the book, I would like to summarise the structure and share some highlights that really jumped out at me.

  • Christian Wedewardt - Being a Diligent Dreamer -
    Ask for help and advice - "So I learned that to make your dreams come true it is mostly up to you to create your world the way you would like it to become, but it is sometimes good or even necessary to ask for help or advice."
  • Don Came - DON'T QUIT! - Never give up.
  • Gary ChamberlainCommitment
  • Ian Abernethy - Consistency - be consistent over time
    Embrace your Uniqueness - crafting your own goals through your own thinking and blocking out all other agendas
  • James Hatch - Make your life better and Improve the lives of those around you
  • John TitchenPlay - seek "alive training" to move freely between positions and stimuli with an opponent
  • Kris WilderLet's find Balance Once Again
  • Les Bubka - Importance of Mentoring
  • Matt Jardine - Show Up
  • Paul Enfield - Don't Stop


Final Thoughts...

There were many ideas, principles, stories and concepts that resonated with me and many lessons that I benefited from.  Some of the most important ones for me were:

The 3 Types of Training Sessions by Gary Chamberlain

  • "Spirit session" - where you feel great and completely motivated for training
  • "Skill session" - where you had a tiring day, you should permit yourself to bring down the power and focus on technique
  • "Mental Toughness session" - where you don't feel like training at all but you grit your teeth and get through the training session


 Consistency Trumps Intensity

Something I have long struggled with is overtraining which has impacted my ability to be consistent and attend training regularly.  I learnt that it is better to make small steps of progress consistently instead of attempting large leaps inconsistently which essentially leads you back to where you started.  


Perfection of Character - the true purpose of training in the way of the Empty Hand.  Two quotes by Gary Chamberlain really resonated with me:

"Life-giving Karate enables others.  It helps you to pay others respect, even if they don't respect you."

"The secret to Karate is a holistic endeavour of mind, body and Spirit, and its hard work"


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