" Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. "
Mahatma Gandhi


Shin Gi Tai is a principle that defines the complete Martial Artist.  It describes a delicate balance between Mind, Technique and Body. 

As a Martial Artist, you should strive to be accomplished in all three aspects, thereby improving your effectiveness as a practitioner and quality in the expression of your Martial Art.  The ultimate aim is to become a complete Martial Artist.



If one is deficient in even just one of these, the Martial Arts practice is incomplete.  This lack of completeness opens the practitioner up to weakness and thus the Martial Artist becomes ineffective.  To further elaborate:

  • Lack of focus on the Mind
    Simply focusing on the physical aspects of your art is not enough. The mind plays a pivotal role in overcoming fear, finding your centre and pushing past your physical limits.  The stronger your mind, the further you can push yourself and the greater your progress will be.

  • Lack of focus on Technique
    Raw power and strength in mind and body will count for nothing if not combined with perfectly executed technique.  Inadequate technique can lead to unnecessary injuries which will hinder your progress.  Technique offers you the ability to apply greater force with less effort than would otherwise be required.  This affords you the benefit of longevity to maintain good performance in a lengthy confrontation or as you age.  Technique increases the effectiveness of your art.

  • Lack of focus on the Body
    Possessing a strong mind along with perfect technique is unfortunately also not adequate as you require a firm physical base from which to execute your art.  Your body should be equipped with the agility, strength and stamina required to express your Martial Art.  Achieving an optimal level of strength and fitness not only makes you a better martial artist but increases the enjoyment of rigorous and intense training.


Final Thoughts...

To achieve complete balance and unity as a Martial Artist, you are required to focus and enhance each element during your training.  You should take a holistic approach to the practice of your art, focusing on your Mind, Technique and Body. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This will help you become a complete Martial Artist.


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