Way of the Martial Artist

Martial Arts has been popularised by its prominence in action movies and the rise of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).  It is well-known for producing elite athletes, professional fighters and effective self-defence techniques.  All of this have been excellent for individual pursuits and entertainment value.

But is this all there is to Martial Arts?  I don’t think so!  I believe that Martial Arts serves a higher purpose for the individual and for society.  I came across the writings of a source unknown to me, who sought to explain how Martial Artists should conduct themselves and how this conduct could lead to a better world for all its inhabitants.  I coin this The Way of the Martial Artist.

Way of the Martial Artist


WuYi ZhiGe, Huai RenYi, JiaoHua WanMin, HePing YiZhi.

ShuYong XianZhi, CunCi Dao, PuJi ZhongSheng, KuLe ZiXuan 


The Message 

This writing is simple yet powerful in its message.  It adequately captures the spirit and conduct of a true Martial Artist:

  • The chief aim of Martial Arts is to maintain peace, harmony and equality. If the need arises, a Martial Artist must be courageous in pursuing justice and stopping violence but must also exercise compassion and strive for righteous action.
  • A Martial Artist must use their skills for the good of society. To protect others, especially those that are vulnerable such as the young and elderly.
  • A Martial Artist must strive for excellence, mastery and good character. To achieve this, the Martial Artist must embody the attributes of benevolence, mercy and righteousness.
  • A Martial Artist must positively influence society through actions and teachings. This will transform others and help them follow the way of peace, harmony and righteousness.
  • A Martial Artist must pursue the martial way for individual improvement and that of society


Final Thoughts...

How a Martial Artist conducts themselves ultimately dictates whether their life is painful or peaceful.  As a Martial Artist, you have a responsibility to yourself, to your family and to society.


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