The Ultimate Goal of Martial Arts

Have you ever wondered what the ultimate goal of Martial Arts is?  What is the realisation that you come to after a lifetime of training?  Is it physical dominance over your adversaries?  I think not!  If this was the ultimate goal it would probably be very short lived.  We all grow old and we all must make way for the next generation.  We cannot expect to keep up with the physical prowess and exuberance of youth, no matter how skilful we become.

Martial Arts - A Definitive Guide

Martial Arts are complex systems of combat which have been transferred from one generation of Martial Artists to another through codified curriculums of techniques, forms, drills, and exercises.

Each Martial Art is a fighting system that reflects the ideals of its founder and is equipped with its own unique set of principles and concepts.

Rules for Success in Karate

Rules for Success in Karate

I came across an awesome project that was initiated by Les Bubka, an amazing Sensei that seeks to tackle mental health issues and promotes overall well-being through the practice of his Martial Art - Karate.  The project seeks to inspire, motivate, restore hope and renew us during this difficult time in which many of us are isolated, demotivated and experience helplessness. 

Making Progress as a Martial Artist

Martial Arts like any other skill requires a great deal of commitment, time, and patience to succeed and attain proficiency.  The more proficient you become, the slower your progress seems to get.  This can be extremely frustrating and demotivating.  It is popularly accepted that we are meant to continually progress and constantly reach higher levels of skill.  This is simply not true and the key to real progress is acclimating yourself – mind, body, and Spirit to the current level that you have reached before ascending to higher levels.