Indomitable Inner Strength and Mindset

How to build an Indomitable Inner Strength and Mindset

As a modern human being, I can’t help but yearn for a lifestyle where I can remove myself from the haste of life so that I can turn inward to explore the depths of my mind and metaphysical environment. 

Recently, I was fortunate enough to have trained with a Sensei, whose philosophy on training Martial Arts is centred around discarding one’s ego in order to progress with a free mind and spirit.  We had not exchanged a single word about his training methods and what I am about to explain to you is through first-hand experience alone.

How Martial Arts changed my Life

How Martial Arts changed my Life

As a Martial Artist, I have had many years to understand Martial Arts. I know how it has benefited me and what I use it for. I have also been an avid observer of others who pursue Martial Arts and have watched them grow, mature, and become better people.

Martial Arts serve a variety of purposes and appeals to many different types of people. Many seek sporting glory through athletic endeavours, while others seek improvement of the self. Victims of crime and bullying joined to learn how to deal with these difficult situations. The ability to fight and overcome an adversary is probably one of the most popular reasons that people pursue Martial Arts. It speaks to our insecurities. That we must overpower our enemies before they overpower us.

Martial Arts Practice

The Martial Devotee Method

I have been preparing for some really tough Martial Arts tests recently.  I have been training extremely hard and wanted to share one of my training methods with you to become more proficient at a technique or combination or kata.  Whatever it may be.  It is not ground-breaking or mind blowing but it is definitely simple and effective.

5 Essentials for Building a Solid Physical Foundation for Martial Arts

5 Essentials for Building a Solid Physical Foundation for Martial Arts

Martial Arts training is extremely demanding on the mind and body.  Every training session pushes you to your mental and physical limits.  There are many techniques, exercises and moves that are extremely difficult to execute well.  A strong, fit and flexible body really helps with being able to effectively and effortlessly execute these techniques and exercises.  Preparing the body for the physical demands of Martial Arts will definitely help you maximise your Martial Arts potential.