Shu Ha Ri - The Process of Mastery

Shu Ha Ri is a universal principle that can be applied to all disciplines.  The principle describes the natural order in which mastery is attained, given that enough effort, time and deliberate practice has been applied.  This principle, being universal, is a naturally occurring process that is supplemented by the notion that the journey is more significant than the destination.  However, possessing an awareness of it, makes one an even more powerful practitioner in their chosen field. 


Furinkazan - The Mindset of a Warrior

Have you ever wondered what makes a great Martial Artist?  What are the key features that, when combined, makes one warrior superior to another?  Or maybe, what is the mindset that one must have to engage in and be successful during combat?  I have often found myself asking these questions throughout my Martial Arts journey and have found that the battle strategy referred to as Furinkazan is really useful in describing what it takes to constantly improve and achieve success.