Qi or Ki or Chi

What is Chi?

Chi, also referred to as Ki or Qi or Prana, is often seen as a mystical force that gives one supernatural power.  This idea has been brought to life by anime like the popular Dragon Ball franchise.  The concept has also been abused by a variety of “Martial Arts masters” to attract and exploit gullible followers.

Speed and Timing for Fighting

4 Strategies to Improve your Speed and Timing

An effective striker is one who has incredible distance management, speed, and timing.  It is of little use to execute a perfect punch or kick if you are too far away from your opponent.  To land your strikes, you need to be able to close the distance between yourself and your opponent.  However, speed is not the only factor that will help you land your attack. While it is great to be quick, it is not essential.

BJJ Mount Escape

3 Ways to Escape the Mount Position in BJJ

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a grappling Martial Art where the main goal is to acquire a submission by applying pressure on different parts of your opponent’s body. Three of the most common ways to use pressure techniques are chokes, holds and locks.

cool down

Top 5 Cool-Down Strategies for Post-BJJ Training Sessions

As a Martial Artist, you must already know about the importance of warm-up exercises. Most practitioners realise the importance of getting their bodies ready for training and therefore start their workout with a warm-up. The cool down, however is just as important.