Jūjutsu is a close combat Martial Arts system that involves using an opponent’s energy against themselves.  This method of fighting aims to efficiently disarm and immobilise an armed or armoured attacker.  This is a preferred method to striking a weapon wielding opponent who is protected by armour.


Way of Yielding
Takenouchi Hisamori
Country of Origin
Primary Focus
Joint-locks, Takedowns, Throwing

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Brief History

Dating back to the feudal period of the Samurai in Japan, Jūjutsu was used to defend against a heavily armed and armoured warrior.  The Samurai used this Martial Art to devastating effect, employing joint-locks, throws, pins, chokes and holds on their enemies.

In recent times the grappling techniques of Jūjutsu have been combined with striking techniques as enemies and opponents no longer wear heavy armour.



  • Throwing Techniques – techniques that involve disturbing the balance of the opponent, lifting the opponent and forcefully slamming the opponent into the ground.
  • Joint locks and Restraints – techniques that involve the manipulation of the opponent’s joints as well as the opponent themselves.
  • Chokes and Strangles – techniques that reduces or prevents the opponent from breathing.
  • Striking – techniques that involve punching, kicking, head butting, knees and elbows.


The Martial Art in Practice

Jūjutsu is designed to use an attacker’s energy or force against them by guiding their momentum in such a way that it becomes favourable to the Jūjutsu practitioner. 

This Martial Art is characterised by throwing, locking and restraining an attacker.  In modern times, striking has also been incorporated to enhance the Martial Art.  This fighting system is simple and direct in its methods to efficiently disarm and immobilise a powerful and armed attacker. 

ju jutsu image


  • Araki-ryu
  • Daito-ryu aiki-jujutsu
  • Hontai Yoshin-ryu
  • Kashima Shin-ryū
  • Kukishin-ryū
  • Kyushin Ryu
  • Sekiguchi Shinshin-ryu
  • Sosuishitsu-ryu
  • Takenouchi-ryu
  • Tatsumi-ryu
  • Tenjin Shinyo-ryu
  • Yagyu Shingan Ryu
  • Yoshin Ryu



Jūjutsu is based on the idea of receiving an opponent’s energy, guiding it in a direction that is favourable to the Jūjutsu practitioner and finally using the opponent’s energy against him or her by throwing, choking or restraining the opponent.



This Martial Art teaches the use of light or concealable weapons such as:

  • Jutte – short baton or stick
  • Tanto – knife
  • Ryofundo kusari – weighted chain
  • Bankokuchoki – knuckle duster


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